read America(s): 

For this anthology, LHP editors will be compiling a text filled with poetry that responds to the idea of America(s). We are open to poetry not just from the United States of America, not just from North and South America, but from any manifestation of America(s); from Pangaea to apocalypse, from and every negotiated borderland in between. We're asking: what is/are America(s)? What are its boundaries? Are you part of it? Where is it? Is it real? What language does it speak? We are interested in the Americas of the mind, of physical space, of the body and bodies in and around it. We also hope to share the work of poets who are re-writing borders—borders of inclusion and exclusion, safety and danger, the re-purposing/stealing of resources, of human over citizen—in order to compile an anthology that navigates and grapples with the complexities of America(s).

Logo design: Cassie Byers

Logo design: Cassie Byers

lhp 2015 Publication Prize

The winner will receive: $250 and 2 contributor copies, along with print and online publication.

Announcing the winner and Finalists for the 2015 lhp publication prize:

Elizabeth Acevedo, "La Ciguapa"

Geoff Bouvier, "The Paradox of the Heap of Troubles"
Nadia Chaney, "Wintering Place"

thank you to all who shared their Poetry with us! We are sincerely grateful for the chance to read your work.