From Standing Rock to Maui, to the seas that refugees are crossing right now, to drought and desertification, to Purple Rain, to Langston Hughes writing, “Let the rain kiss you,” to acid rain on ancient architecture, to the thawing glaciers, to the miles villagers walk to reach a well, to the ubiquity of bottled water and athletic water bottles, to the floods and policies that displace thousands, back through colonialism and the history of trans-Atlantic slavery, to pre-colonial migrations and cultural exchange, to the makeup of our bodies, to the translation and transliteration of drop and puddle and cup and bucket and barrel and pond and lake and river and sea and ocean and ice and cloud and evaporate and melt and flow, from and to every language: water.

Locked Horn Press is welcoming poems to consider for our publication prize in Read Water: An Anthology. Whether writing in relation to bodies of water, or states of water, or myths, histories, fantasies and experiences in which water is implicated, we hope this call moves you to respond by sending us work.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER: "Executive Order" by Abigail Chabitnoy 

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1ST RUNNER UP: "Contrapuntal" by Gloria Munoz 

2ND RUNNER UP: "Over Bones" by Brigit Truex 


Finalists in Alphabetic Order: 

Jennifer Andrea: "Keske XVI" 

Bryce Emley: "Epitaph City (My Self as Seattle, WA)"

Erin Kae: "John D. Long Lake" 

Jen Karetnick: "From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, the Boats Unionize: Evergreen Clause I" 

David Maduli: "Learning to Speak" 

Robert Miltner: "Narcissus: the day I drowned" 

Valorie Ruiz: "La Caida" 

Aimee Suzara: "We Come Swimming" 

Heather Sweeney: "Memes of Tomorrow"